Deciding the Future of Your Family Business

This article discusses how family business owners have to decide whether to sell their business or hand it down when they want to retire. Both sides have their advantages such as retirement funding and ensuring family well-being for a specific amount of time. However, there is no doubt this is a hard decision for many …..

Power of Real-Time Insights To Improve Donor Communications

By Michael Ward CPA,CGMA, Brian Kenyon, CPA and Bis Dhar, CPA For years, organizations looked to data primarily to understand past performance. But major advances in computing power and other technology have made it possible for organizations to leverage data for more than just keeping score. Nonprofit organizations rely on donors, ranging from individuals to …..

Protecting Your Business Against Fraud

This article discusses some of the top things that you can do as a business owner in order to protect your business against fraud. From learning basic definitions to what a forensic accountant could do for you, different methods are outlined in this article. Be sure to better educate yourself in order to put your …..

2019 Tax Law Change Update

Highlights of spending package’s tax law changes The federal government spending package titled the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020, does more than just fund the government. It extends certain income tax provisions that had already expired or that were due to expire at the end of 2019. The agreement on the spending package also includes …..

Keys to Unlocking Success for Your Family Business

This article discusses how hard it is to ensure that your family business survives to the next generation. With the help of these best practices like setting boundaries, dividing roles and responsibilities, and treating family members fairly, your business could be on its way to a healthy future. To view this article, click HERE to …..

Best Practices in Evaluating a Business

This article discusses how utilizing some best practices can go a long way when evaluating a business. Examining stock prices, assets, cash flow, and the surplus in debt, should be considered each and every time a business is valued. In addition, bringing in a professional can make it easier on you and ensure that the …..

Small Business Technology Trends to Watch For in 2020

This article discusses how technology is changing the way small businesses operate on a day to day basis. From working from home to social media marketing, these tech advancements are vital to staying up to date as your business grows. To view this article, click HERE to access the original content.

Benefits of Having an Accountant

This article discusses the advantages of bookkeeping and doing it the right way for your business and your personal life. There are ways to do it without a CPA, but having an accountant on your side can prove to be a difference-maker. To view this article, click HERE to access the original content.

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

This article discusses how marketing has changed over the years and what you can expect/need to know heading into the new year. Whether it is the use of A/B split testing or integrating AI to do simple, repetitive tasks, marketing is changing the way businesses are operated. To view this article, click HERE to access …..

Growing Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

This article outlines the best practices that your business can take in order to increase growth. The best part is that none of them require more money! Whether it is billing faster or streamlining your marketing message, these tips can really propel your business as we approach the new year. To view this article, click …..

Tips for Sustainable Growth

This article discusses the instant gratification that we seek when it comes to the business industry. We want to buy low and sell high as soon as we can, but that may not always be the best move. From establishing autonomous operations to leaving your own unique footprint, these tips can help you sustain growth …..

Budgeting Tips for Your Small Business

This article discusses how the economy may be booming as we head into 2020, but that does not mean there will not be uncertainty along the way. It also offers five budgeting tips from emergency funds to reducing fixed cost commitments, and these tips could prove useful as your business continues to grow and change. …..

Mental Health in the Workplace

This article discusses the importance of addressing mental health in the workplace. According to this article, 1 out  of 5 people suffer from some sort of mental health condition. Because this number is so high, it is worth looking into the health of your employees as better mental health can lead to an improvement in …..

Strategies and Tips for Your Business

This article discusses the major trends occurring in the general business world as we leave 2019 in the past and look to the future. It is important to be aware of these trends for the future of your business and know how to manage/take advantage of them. To view this article, click HERE to access …..

Keeping a Positive Attitude in the Workplace

Do you find it hard to stay positive during your work day? This article discusses the importance of having a positive attitude in the workplace because it is contagious and can rub off on the people who may need it most. It also highlights how easy it can be to have a positive attitude at …..

Improving Your Company Culture

This article discusses how important culture can be in all aspects of a company. For example, “77% of adults polled would consider a company’s culture before applying for a job.” From understanding your current culture to tips for improvement, this article discusses the keys that you should be paying attention to. To view this article, …..

Preparing Your Business for a Recession

A recession is not fun to think about, but it’s even less fun when a downturn hits and you’re not prepared. This article offers advice in two areas: what to do to prepare your business for a recession, and what to do once a recession hits. To view this article, click HERE to access the …..

Is SIP Trunking Good For Your Business?

This article discusses what SIP trunking is and how it could potentially help your business grow. SIP trunking is essentially the ability to make or receive phone calls over the internet as long as both parties have a phone number. It is cheaper for most clients and can save money in the long haul for …..

8 Useful Tips For Any Business

This article discusses daily tips that may be valuable for any businessperson. Some of the tips include going slowly, spend more time on recruitment, and not doing it for the money. To view this article, click HERE to access the original content.

Leading Your Family Business Successfully

This article discusses points that can help on your way to a successful family business. From recognizing the advantages of family ownership to treating every family member equally, these tips are valid and should be taken into consideration. To view this article, click HERE to access the original content.