Due Diligence Services

Mitigate Risks and Avoid Surprises with Due Diligence Reviews

  • Buy-side due diligence
  • Sell-side due diligence
  • Working capital and purchase price assistance

Our due diligence team brings a different approach to the industry by working with our clients to identify key risk areas and develop a risk appetite for each deal. The phases of work to be completed are tailored to drive value and address the risks of our clients not to increase the engagement fee. This nimble approach leads to a more tailored and cost-effective engagement since “deal breaker” issues are addressed first, thus avoiding unnecessary procedures if early concerns are not resolved.

The senior staff members on our due diligence team bring with them years of experience in general business consulting, M&A and tax advisory. This diversity and experience allows our team to collaborate with our clients throughout the process, delivering valuable insight and feedback on issues that really matter.

The experienced team at Nathan Wechsler & Company, P.A. can assist with a variety of due diligence services:

  • Assessing the accuracy and quality of earnings and cash-flows
  • Search for unrecorded or inaccurately reported accrued liabilities or accounts payable
  • Working capital adjustments at closing
  • Provide insight into internal control procedures
  • Assessment of existing management
  • Assist with reviewing the purchase price agreement, letter of intent and opening balance sheet
  • Inventory costing and burdening
  • Tax due diligence: federal and state income tax reviews, sales and use, and nexus reviews