• After completing my internship with Nathan Wechsler, I knew that I wanted to work at the firm fulltime. I really like the size and atmosphere of the firm—the staff is very welcoming, which makes it fun to come to work every day!  I love that I get to work on so many different projects with many different people—I’m not just doing the same thing every day. Everyone is very helpful and I feel completely comfortable asking questions, which makes it easy to learn. I appreciate that I always have new, challenging work and I learn new things every day.

    Callie -
  • I chose to work at Nathan Wechsler because of the people that work here. Though the work is challenging, my colleagues are always willing to help me through the learning process. The firm offers a positive learning environment where I feel enabled to better myself every day and succeed.

    Ryan Sosnak -
  • One of my favorite things about Nathan Wechsler is its positive work environment. The employees all have a wealth of knowledge, but also know how to have a laugh! I chose to intern at Nathan Wechsler because the people that I met were nice, welcoming, and professional. Additionally, their membership in the BDO Alliance intrigued me because it denoted a high level of expertise. Not only did I feel as though my work as an intern was valuable to the overall project, but I also enjoyed the people I worked with, day in and day out. I love that I was able to take the accounting knowledge I’ve learned in school and apply it in ways I hadn’t had the opportunity to before.

    Jack Annon -
  • My decision to work for Nathan Wechsler was based on a number of factors, including the people I met, the size of the firm, the schedule flexibility they offered to interns, and the opportunity to work in both tax and audit. The people here are great and the variety of work consistently provides new challenges and keeps me engaged. My teammates are always willing to let me try tasks that I have little or no experience with, which keeps me challenged and interested in my work. Everyone is fairly laid back—even during tax season—which helps me look forward to coming in to work every day.

    Brady Wentworth -
  • The two main factors influencing my decision to work at Nathan Wechsler were the fantastic work culture and the flexible work schedule. It helps that my mom used to work at the firm and she told me many great things about it. Even as a first-year associate, I find my work both engaging and challenging—that doesn’t happen everywhere! I feel free to ask lots of questions and am always given in-depth answers. The work environment is very interactive and friendly. I like that I get to work with different people on different jobs, and I really enjoy traveling to clients.

    Cassidy Huckins -
  • The work environment at Nathan Wechsler is fun. It is simultaneously laid back and professional, which I enjoy. We keep things light and also work hard. Plus, they offer great benefits to their employees, including dinner every night during tax season! I find the work at Nathan Wechsler to be both engaging and challenging because we are immersed with multiple different types of tasks in both tax and audit. As a young professional, this is challenging because everything is so new to me, but I find myself rapidly gaining understanding and can tell that I’m developing a great background in everything in accounting. Everyone here is nice and easy to talk to—if you have a question, someone is always willing to answer it for you. I enjoy coming to work here every day.

    Jordan Forsyth -