Company Overview

Company Overview

For more than half a century, Nathan Wechsler & Company has devoted itself to improving the lives of its clients, its staff, and its community. Our focus is on building authentic, holistic relationships. We create forward-thinking, innovative solutions for our clients; we support the career growth of our staff; and we actively contribute to the overall business community.


With three locations spread throughout the region, our firm is a cornerstone of the local economy. We are well-respected and trusted advisors. You’ve probably seen our team members out and about, actively serving as volunteers, board members, and benefactors.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a funded startup, an established business, or a large entity with an international footprint, our team understands the challenges you face. Each project we take on—no matter how large or small—is led by a company principal. This ensures that each client receives the experiences of a seasoned veteran combined with the unique perspective of industry specialists. We develop solutions to complex issues by drawing on deep experience and working with our clients to understand the entirety of their businesses, not solely the financials. It’s an approach that works.


To manage costs and provide exceptional resources to our clients, we’ve partnered with five other US Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firms to form Descant US LLC. This allows us to seamlessly integrate the prowess of Filipino professionals into our team, enhancing the firm’s capabilities and elevating client satisfaction. Learn More


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