College Degree Candidates

College Degree Candidates

Why Work at Nathan Wechsler & Company?

At our firm, there is no such thing as “paying your dues.” In fact, it’s quite the opposite! We are brimming with opportunity and excited to invest in your professional growth. From day one, you’ll learn new skills and dig into client work. You will receive the support required to pursue professional pursuits, and the work-life balance needed to have time for personal ones, too.


At Nathan Wechsler & Company, our focus is on…


  • Client Variety – You will quickly be exposed to a full range of projects and clients, rather than being pigeon-holed into one area. This will help you discover what gets you excited about coming to work each day and where you want to focus your career.


  • Fewer Degrees of Separation – Our firm is intentionally structured to allow you access to both clients and senior management. You will work closely with them to help deliver exceptional work.


  • Variety of ChoiceYou will have the opportunity to work in both audit and tax in order to test your abilities in and affinity to each area. This will help you gain valuable insight and experience that many professionals don’t have access to until much later in their careers.


  • Fast Forwarding Your Career – At Nathan Wechsler & Company, you will be exposed to projects and challenges much more quickly than if you practice elsewhere. This experience will help you quickly develop knowledge and confidence of a professional who has been in the field for several years. This approach is tried and true—we are confident that you will benefit from it.


  • CPA Certification – Generally, any accounting professional at Nathan Wechsler & Company who has not already achieved their CPA designation is currently working towards it. As you pursue your certification, you will benefit from helpful resources and the enthusiastic support of your colleagues. Our generous CPA Exam and Certification Program provides time off for exams and significant assistance with both review courses and testing fees.


  • Working Hard and Playing Hard – For us, work-life balance isn’t merely a catch phrase—it’s the way we run our business. Your professional life is only one aspect of your world, and we respect that. We understand that you have personal dreams and goals, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve them. Ask us about what work-life balance means to us—we are happy to share our personal stories. The key to maintaining a well-rounded life is flexibility and balance.


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