Tax Deductions and Credits to Consider in 2022

This article discusses how there are two main strategies that individuals can take advantage of in order to lower their tax bills, deductions, and credits. While tax deductions lower your taxable income, tax credits are “a dollar-for-dollar reduction to your tax bill.” However, many people do not know of or forget about all the things …..

Estate Planning Should Include What Happens to Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency

This article explains how the assets people own have become more complicated, making it a little more difficult to include everything in your will. Only about 46% of Americans have made provisions for how their money and estate should be handled, according to a 2021 Gallup poll. Abby Schneiderman, co-founder and co-CEO of Everplans, which …..

Triaging Data Breaches: Part Two

By Mark Antalik In Part One of this two-part data breach triage series, we discussed identifying, understanding and communicating during a breach situation and how breaches should be managed. In this article, we will elaborate on perpetuation through digital forensics, as well as outline approaches to notification and identity monitoring. As discussed in Part One …..

Embracing a New Era of Innovation in 2022

This article explains the importance of building your company’s online structure in a growing technological world. Technology is more powerful than ever challenging a business to restructure in new ways where it can sustain itself in a new market. It offers an opportunity to grow in every aspect because every facet of your brand can …..

The Benefits of Business Valuation for Small Businesses

This article demonstrates the possibilities a small business can pursue after receiving a valuation. A valuation can give small business owners benefits such as tracking progress and “a road map to deliberate decision making.” Some other benefits that come along with a business valuation include access to more investors, better decision making to improve your …..

A Cost Segregation Study Is One Way To Boost Cash Flow

If your business is planning to buy, build or substantially improve real property, a cost segregation study can help you accelerate depreciation deductions, reducing your taxes and boosting your cash flow. Even if you’ve invested in real property in previous years, you may have an opportunity to do a lookback study and catch up on …..

The importance of Having a Plan When Including Family in Business

In this article Jolene Brown, a family business consultant points to four major mistakes when breaking down a family business. She firstly points out that assuming all genetic relationships equal good working relationships is wrong. Brown says “acceptance in a family should be unconditional, but acceptance into a business should be conditional and is not …..

When Can You Deduct Business-Related Meals . . . And How Much Can You Deduct?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) permanently eliminated deductions for most business-related entertainment expenses paid or incurred after 2017. For example, you can no longer deduct any of the cost of taking clients out for a round of golf, to the theater or for a football game. But the TCJA didn’t specifically address the …..

What the End-of-Work Landscape Looks Like Now

This article discusses how the coronavirus pandemic forced many employees to look towards their 401(k) plan in order to borrow cash for personal financial burdens. However. “About 47% of employees who took a retirement loan say they ended up taking more than they needed,” according to research from Voya Financial. Through the years, more and …..

Things to Consider When Planning Your Family Business Succession

This article explains why family businesses continue to generate 70-90% of global GDP annually. Ernst and Young reported that “the largest 500 family businesses constitute the third-largest economic contribution in the world by revenue and employ 24.1 million people worldwide.” Family businesses will thrive if they continue to follow four categories: the nature of change, …..

Working Remotely From “Out Of State” Can Be Taxing

The COVID-19 pandemic has required many people to work remotely, either from home or a temporary location. One potential consequence of remote work may surprise you: an increase in your state tax bill. During the pandemic, it’s been fairly common for people to work remotely from another state — across state lines from the employer’s …..

Inflation Adjustments for 2022 Returns

This article explains the new inflation adjustments that are being made by the IRS issued through Rev. Proc. 2021-45. The IRS also cautioned that “with legislation pending in Congress that might affect 2022 tax returns, taxpayers should consult future IRS guidance to determine if the adjusted amounts in Rev. Proc. 2021-45 remain applicable in 2022.” …..

Worker Classification Is Still Important

In 2020 and 2021, many companies have experienced “workforce fluctuations.” If your business has engaged independent contractors to address staffing needs, be careful that these workers are properly classified for federal tax purposes. Tax obligations The question of whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee for federal income and employment tax purposes …..

Consequences of Some Retirement Options on Small Businesses

Valeria Alterman and Ariane Froidevaux delve into research on various retirement options for small business owners. They look into their custom model of retirement decision options for small business owners to separate from their business, all based on “the ‘proximity’ of the business to the individual once the decision has been made.” The four options …..

Key Tax Provisions Included in New Infrastructure Bill

On November 5, the House voted to pass the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), which had previously passed in the Senate. The bill now heads to the White House, where President Biden is expected to sign it into law.   Though the main focus of the new legislation is on allocating tax dollars for .....

Succession Planning Should Be Part of Family Business Strategy

Too often CEOs of a company will procrastinate the succession of their company to the next generation. This may happen since the idea of retiring from a business can be too difficult to embrace. Another reason is if the CEO decides to hand off the reigns to the family, there could be a dispute about …..

5 Tax Planning Tips For Retirees

There’s a common misconception that, when you retire, your tax bills shrink, your tax returns become simpler and tax planning is a thing of the past. That may be true for some, but many people find that the combination of Social Security, pensions and withdrawals from retirement accounts increases their income in retirement and may …..

Keep Your Money in the Family with These Estate Planning Tips

This article explains why and how keeping money within the hands of the people you trust will help you in the future. Heirs could be responsible for “paying federal income taxes on either assets or retirement accounts, and if you plan poorly, your money could end up in the hands of an ex-spouse or creditor.” …..

Keeping a Family Business Running Smoothly Generation after Generation

This article discusses three dysfunctions that are commonly seen throughout family businesses. Chris Yonker, the author of the article, says that following the steps of over-achievers can be a bad way to help ensure the family business continues to run properly. Often children are faced with the challenge of following the footsteps of their parents, …..

Rental Real Estate: Determining If a Property Is a Business Or An Investment

If you own rental real estate, its classification as a trade or business rather than an investment can have a big impact on your tax bill. The distinction is especially important because of the 20% Section 199A deduction for certain sole proprietors and pass-through entity owners. The 199A deduction is available for qualified business income …..